1/2 Day Shamanic Journeying Workshop Outdoors

Sunday September 26th

10am-3pm    €50  Lunch provided




Shamanic Journeying is a way for us to feel personally empowered in our lives. It is a way to get us out of our heads as well as to expand our awareness. When we learn that we have the ability to problem solve for ourselves, it raises our self-esteem in a grounded way.
This morning is for those who wish to experience what journeying is all about. It is for those who want to treat themselves to a day of nourishment by journeying indoors and then connecting with Mother Nature outdoors.  Some time will be spent grounding and connecting to nature as well as enjoying the benefits of being out in nature at a powerful ancient site known as Boleycarrigeen Stone Circle connecting with the sacredness of this site, Mother Nature and the Ancestors upon whose shoulders we stand.  
One of the main aims in this workshop in working outdoors as well as indoors, is to promote the power of strengthening our relationship with nature.  This work is especially supportive for people who suffer from anxiety or depression as it helps to self-regulate and develop a sense of inner calm.

The Red Tent    Monthly Womens’ Circle

Friday 15th October @7.30pm – 9.30pm



‘When women support each other, incredible things happen’



The Red Tent

A supportive circle for women where they can come to connect and share with other women heart to heart. A place where all women will be accepted, heard, held and seen without judgement.

What is the Red Tent?

Our Red Tent is a collaboration between ‘The Healers Dance’ and ‘Body Matters Kinesiology’, it is simply a women’s circle where women come together to support each other heart to heart on their individual journey in life.

What is the intention of the Red Tent?

The Red Tent is intended to be a supportive environment where real women come to connect and share with other women, where all women will be accepted, heard, held and seen without judgement. It is not intended to be therapy, we won’t be trying to fix anyone or take away their pain, we simply want to walk beside other women on their journey and let them know that they are not alone.

What can I expect from the Red Tent?

It is a simple concept that is intended to be a place where women come to heal and empower themselves. A place where women feel they:

  • Are listened to
  • Are heard
  • Are seen
  • Matter
  • Are good enough
  • Are free to be their true selves
  • Are welcome and accepted just as they are
  • Belong
  • Feel supported
  • Feel safe to share
  • Can Trust others
  • Can have a Laugh with other women
  • Grow
  • Get to know themselves on a deeper level

Why have the Red Tent?

When we hear the words ‘me too’ or we feel ‘I thought it was just me’, it validates our own feelings, which is powerful in itself – sometimes all people need on their journey is simply to know they are not alone. The Red Tent offers a space where women get time to listen deeply to their own hearts and souls and to one another.

When will the Red Tent take place?

Our Red Tent will take place once per month on Friday nights for approximately 2 hours.

What will the format be?

As it is a new idea we expect the format to evolve over time dependent on the needs of the group but in general it is just women in a circle sharing their heart with other like-minded women.

Who can attend the Red Tent?

Women of all ages can attend, all we ask is that you are open, honest, authentic, willing, accepting and non-judgemental. You just need to listen, witness, respect, and support everyone for who they are and where they are at in their life.

 Dance and Movement Workshop

“Coming Home”


Welcome to the first Dance and Movement workshop of 2020.  In these uncertain times it is important to stay grounded and movement keeps us ‘real’ in our bodies and “real’ in the world.  If we are unbalanced in our bodies it can mean that we are not connected to our everyday life and the people in it.  In this workshop we will rediscover our roots and connect to our bones and to mother nature in all its beauty.  We come out of the head and into the body.

The movements in this workshop will help you come out of your head and habitual circular thinking and down into your body. We will explore what it means to ground in the dance and in our lives. What is your connection with nature and seasons? What is your relationship with money and security? Have you a good sense of rhythm? What are your Tribal and family influences that support you today and which ones may not?


If you feel anxious, caught up in your thoughts or spacing out of your body, then this is the workshop for you.

The focus of this workshop is to help you to feel safer and more at home in your own body and this in turn allows a real connection not only to our physical bodies but to the people in our lives too. Without a healthy Base Chakra we are ungrounded and even though we may have great dreams and plans, we may not be able to realise them or we may find that we have to run too fast to keep up with our heads.

Isn’t it time you found peace and comfort in your own skin and reach into your inner joy so that you have an inner strength to create a great life for yourself easily. To lay down roots which are healthy, grounded and keep you well supported in your life.

This workshop is based on  the philosophy of Dancing The Rainbow.  We always start with stillness and end with stillness. In the workshops we will drop into a space where we work together through meditation, stillness reflection, art and movement in order to stop excessive thinking and worrying and come into the present moment and connect with what is really happening around us. This ensures that we remain grounded throughout this work.

Using music from around the world we explore the different areas in the body relating to the chakra system. Working with colour and movement helps to free up any blockages in the chakra system. Once we have become aware of where and how we are blocked we can work to release these blockages and become happier and more creative in so many ways. Our lives become more interesting and fulfilled.

An Evening with The Celtic Goddess Brigid


Fri 31st Jan  7pm – 10pm   €40


Brigid is one of the great archetypal mother goddesses and she represents the amazing power that is Woman in all her many aspects and sacredness.   As a healing Goddess, she governs childbirth and the birthing time.  She was highly regarded as a healing goddess as can be seen from the numerous healing wells dedicated to her all over Ireland.

This evening is a celebration of Oiche Bride (Brigits eve, where it is said that on this night she walked the earth and visited households who honoured her and blessed all those there) We get to embrace the power of fire and passion as Brigit was known to be one of the great fire goddess.  In all her forms, she brings to one inspiration (a fire quality) and provides the spark for motivation.  She also became known as the goddess of the hearth-fire, the fire of the home, since she contains the mother and fire aspects.

Februray 1st is Brigits Day and it is also the first day of Imbolc. This is Mother Earth coming back to life after the dark winter months. Brigid is said to walk around the earth on Imbolc Eve.  Before going to bed, each member of the household may leave a piece of clothing outside for Brigid to bless.  The next morning the cloths are brought inside and now believed to have healing qualities.

The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid is the goddess of spring and flowers, with the snowdrop as her representation of life returning above the ground through the frost and ice.

In this evening we will go on a journey to connect with Brigid as we hold sacred space around the fire and the hearth.
– guided meditation to connect with the Celtic Triple Goddess
– invoking Brigid for her fiery inspiration and support
– setting positive intentions for the year to come
– embracing the traditions of Brigids eve by creating a Brigids Blessing Cloth


As Sister Mary, one of the Brigidine Sisters who tends the Flame in Kildare puts it ‘ there’s inspiration, peace and healing under Brigids’ Cloak for all traditions and peoples and all denominations.’

Check out The Healers Dance FB page for recommendations from past years attendees.

To attend just text me and i will pencil you in and you can pay on the night



Pre Christmas Self Care & Mindfulness Evening


                                                     TBC  7pm – 9.30pm  €30


Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of the year and it is different to all other celebrations.
It can be a time so full of expectations that we can loose the real essence of what it is all about.  We can end up pushing ourselves to meet these expectations beyond our limits.  So this evening allows us all to take stock of where we are as Christmas approaches.  How can we be more mindful around the activities, our families and the holiday season in general.  What are the things that are important and things that are not.
We look at aspects of the feminine like nurturing, giving and receiving, containment, compassion and understanding.  We will spend the evening looking at the power of self-nourishment and the importance of celebrating our very nature.   Doing this allows us to step more naturally into our true power.
–  The power of Stillness, breathing consciously and meditation.
–  Filling the Well – nourishment
–  Being practical/grounded and calm
–  Making Peace a priority in our lives
–  Maybe a Mince Pie and a cuppa!



One Day Experiential Workshop 

Managing Stress and Anxiety

                                                                   €70 includes lunch and refreshments


Sometimes it may seem like nothing you do about stress and/or anxiety helps in any way.  Bills to pay, children to feed and educate, mortgage pressures and not enough hours in the day.  Seem familiar?   Well you have a lot more control than you might think and this is key to managing stress and moving towards a more balanced and empowered way of living. 

This is an experential workshop which means that for the duration of the day you will experience through support, guidance and varied exercises, the true meaning of establishing and maintaining peace and calm within. 

Stress management is an inside job!

There are steps you can take to go ‘inside’ and relieve the pressure, create an athmosphere of calm and peace and regain control.  When you regain emotional equilibrium your physical, emotional and mental health will lead to breaking the hold stress has on your life so that you can be happier, healthier, and more productive.
The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun – and the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet the challenges head on.  



Nollaig na mBan Womens’ Evening

womens retreat

TBC 7pm – 10pm €40

Womens’ Little Christmas is the last of the 12 days, the traditional marker for the end of Christmas, and it was used to celebrate all great things for which we have women to thank.

Women would gather together before a blazing fire in the parlour and men would be banned from the room.  Discussions would be had that were impossible with males present, about lost babies, lost loves, broken hearts and other secret things.  Irelands dedication to this day to women is unique and mysterious.  Many believe that Nollaig na mBan is a remnant of an ancient pagan religious festival, which had a mother goddess at its core.  This day continues unchanged, a memory and celebration of the unique power of the earth goddess and of women.


This is a sacred space amongst like minded women to nurture our essential selves and to connect deeper to our sense of personal integrity as a woman today.

We will be looking at such things as:

  • the power of mindfulness and being present
  • having profound self trust
  • Impeccable boundaries
  • access to our strengths and uniqueness as women
  • celebrating the divine feminine within each of us

As women we have access to an infinite collective maternal energy that encompasses kindness, fierceness, compassion, and wisdom and it is that which gives us the ability to mother ourselves and here lies the role which self care has in todays world.

A day of stillness and deep reflection at the beginning of the year.  We are invited to slow down, in a time when it is so easy to be pulled into the busyness of Christmas just gone.  Let’s strip away all activity and stop.  Journeying inwards, the winter chills recede as we face the the inner glow of our own wisdom.

According to Elisabeth Gilbert each woman has the ability to be like the Alpha Mare ….

‘ is relaxed and at peace, who walks in the world with her guard down, her eyes filled with curiosity, and her soul filled with simple wonder.’

This is a day of knowing, a day in which we see the reliability of nature as we see the light returning.  We look at how, like the bud, we can rely on ourselves to store what is good, contain that goodness and know when to bloom and flower in the warmth of our own abundance.