parenting-croped All parenting is about balance. Balance between meeting our needs as parents and the needs and requirements of our children. What I mean by needs are, physical, emotional, mental and play needs for both parties. In so many cases, the needs of children are considered the most important – and rightly so – in the short term!! No adult can possibly keep up the type of parenting where we put ALL of the needs of our children ahead of our adult needs ALL of the time, and remain effective and most importantly loving and peaceful.

We as parents have needs too. Even mams and dads have different needs as adults outside of parenting. So it can be quite complex!!
This 6 week course takes a very practical approach to looking at how we are at present managing the needs of everyone in our family, so that each person is content and peaceful. (most of the time!!)

We will be making new and exciting priorities which will make raising your family more empowering, joyful and peaceful.
We focus on many issues including, the power of the word, listening, looking at our own baggage as parents, and how to empower our children – by walking the talk!!
Similar to the acorn that holds the latent potential of the Oak Tree within, each child holds his or her greatness. Spend 6 weeks gathering your emotional and mental forces to focusing on helping your child gain inner confidence, courage and strength to successfully surmount whatever life presents.

And last but not least, I make it MY priority as facilitator to provide a safe and confidential environment and make sure that each person on this course gets to have at least one laugh per week, after all they say it is the best medicine of all.