Monday Morning Drop-In Meditation


Relax, Breathe and Be Still.


The Healers’s Dance Blessington

Monday mornings at 10am starting 26th March

10am – 11am


These three words seem like such a simple thing yet it is incredible how powerful they are when applied together. These unique meditation classes are designed to restore balance to the mind,body and spirit and provide a beautiful space to connect with yourself in a safe way. What a perfect way to start the week.

At The Healers’ Dance we provide a non-judgemental atmosphere, where you are welcome no matter what your experience. This is a supportive space where you will be given clear facilitation on how to meditate by the use of directions and guided meditations. You can come on a drop in basis so there is no need to commit to a number of classes. You can come as often or as little as you like. As with any practice, the more you attend the stronger and more substantial the experience of meditation becomes.
Learning to meditate can have a profound effect on all aspects of your being. From your mental health to your physical wellbeing. It allows us space in our lives when, for most of us life is fast paced and busy. Many of us leave very little for ourselves.

In each meditation class we will learn a different form of meditation. So over a period of time you get to experience different types of meditations and so this is a great space to discover the one that is perfect for you.

It is extremely important to reduce the stress we live with. When practiced regularly meditation, contemplation, mindfulness and relaxation have many benefits that are most needed by people today namely:


  • Reduce feelings of anxietystress, and being overwhelmed
  • Get greater clarity of mind and perspective in life
  • Turn off the mental chatter and experience peace of mind
  • Feel emotionally wellcentred, and happy.
  • Become more resilient to challenges in relationships and life.
  • Be less reactive, less irritable, less triggered
  • Be more empowered to be yourself and manifest your potential
  • Develop the ability to focus.
  • Accept yourself, accept others, and accept things you cannot change.


Wear comfortable clothes.


Why is meditation so powerful and so needed? In a nutshell: because your mind is not always your friend. It often behaves like a mean boss.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Your most personal tool. It’s where all your problems live. It is also where you can find solutions, inspiration, happiness, and other amazing things.

The problem is that the mind can often be unruly, noisy, distracted, and full of self-defeating thoughts and destructive emotions.

Meditation is like pressing the pause button and stopping all this madness. It empowers you to see clearly what’s happening, and to understand yourself. With this you gain the ability to make better choices, to stop creating suffering for yourself and others, and to enjoy emotional well-being.

 The Artist’s Way  13 Week Course  


The Artist’s Way – Healers’ Dance Blessington

The Artist’s Way is a course in discovering and recovering your creative self and it leads you on a path of unlocking your latent creativity and brings you closer to making your dreams a reality.  It is a step-by-step approach which will dissolve the barriers of self doubt, self criticisms and old beliefs that prevent you from living a vibrant life full of expression and possibilities.

Creativity means ‘ to grow’. Our creativity and personal development are intertwined and when a person is not expressing their creativity, they can easily become low in themselves, frustrated, anxious and depressed. When we are creative we live as if the world and all that is in it is vividly alive. We see life differently, more possibilities and even obstacles become exciting challenges all because of the vibrancy which being in the creative flow offers.

The Artist’s Way is a 13 week programme that will reawaken your creativity, reenergise your life and teach you how to take as much care of yourself as you do for others.

Each 2 hour session is highly structured and is based on the best selling book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way and will show you how to help take a step back from your busy life to slow down, achieve more and set goals for your own self care and creativity.

Wed 21st March 7.30pm – 9.30pm.       Cost: €250

With Margot Ussher at The Healer’s Dance, Blessington, Co. Wicklow

This is an inner journey of self discovery and it is different for each person. So my job as facilitator is to support you each week as we navigate through the activities and discussions each week. Meditation and stillness is a vital part of the course and indeed meeting and sharing with like minded people is a wonderful resource on this exciting journey home to your real self.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. A. Einstein

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Mindfulness for Womens’ Self-Care Class

Starting Thurs 25th Jan 7.30pm – 9.30pm

In this 5 week class we explore what it is to truly care for yourself in the midst of life’s demands.  We will be looking at the powerful role of mindfulness and meditation as one tool to support us with stress and everyday challenges. What does it look like to be more present and assertive?  What role does self compassion, gratitude and mind-body connection play?
This 5 week class will explore:
Getting back to basics – body talk

Setting boundaries without guilt

Creating Awareness around our needs as women, daughters, mothers, grandmothers ….

How do we get our needs met and what does self care really mean

Internal conflict and stress in the body
Making Peace a priority in our lives.

Pre Christmas Self Care & Mindfulness Evening

Wed 13th Dec 2017 7pm – 9.30pm


Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of the year and it is different to all other celebrations.
It can be a time so full of expectations that we can loose the real essence of what it is all about.  We can end up pushing ourselves to meet these expectations beyond our limits.  So this evening allows us all to take stock of where we are as Christmas approaches.  How can we be more mindful around the activities, our families and the holiday season in general.  What are the things that are important and things that are not.
We look at aspects of the feminine like nurturing, giving and receiving, containment, compassion and understanding.  We will spend the evening looking at the power of self-nourishment and the importance of celebrating our very nature.   Doing this allows us to step more naturally into our true power.
–  The power of Stillness, breathing consciously and meditation.
–  Filling the Well – nourishment
–  Empowerment from the feminine place
–  Making Peace a priority in our lives
–  Maybe a Mince Pie and a cuppa!

 An Evening with The Celtic Goddess Brigid

Wed 31st Jan  7pm – 9.30pm


Brigid is one of the great archetypal mother goddesses and she represents the amazing power that is Woman in all her many aspects and sacredness.   As a healing Goddess, she governs childbirth and the birthing time.  She was highly regarded as a healing goddess as can be seen from the numerous healing wells dedicated to her all over Ireland.

This evening is a celebration of Oiche Bride (Brigits eve, where it is said that on this night she walked the earth and visited households who honoured her and blessed all those there) We get to embrace the power of fire and passion as Brigit was known to be one of the great fire goddess.  In all her forms, she brings to one inspiration (a fire quality) and provides the spark for motivation.  She also became known as the goddess of the hearth-fire, the fire of the home, since she contains the mother and fire aspects.

Februray 1st is Brigits Day and it is also the first day of Imbolc. This is Mother Earth coming back to life after the dark winter months. Brigid is said to walk around the earth on Imbolc Eve.  Before going to bed, each member of the household may leave a piece of clothing outside for Brigid to bless.  The next morning the cloths are brought inside and now believed to have healing qualities.

The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid is the goddess of spring and flowers, with the snowdrop as her representation of life returning above the ground through the frost and ice.

In this evening we will go on a journey to connect with Brigid as we hold sacred space around the fire and the hearth.
– guided meditation to connect with the Celtic Triple Goddess
– invoking Brigid for her fiery inspiration and support
– setting positive intentions for the year to come
– embracing the traditions of Brigids eve
– welcoming Seanmhathair Geallach as the first full moon of 2018

As Sister Mary, one of the Brigidine Sisters who tends the Flame in Kildare puts it ‘ there’s inspiration, peace and healing under Brigids’ Cloak for all traditions and peoples and all denominations.’
25 euro
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Classes are held in The Healers’ Dance in Downshire Park in the centre of Blessington.  This lends itself perfectly to comfort, safety and movement.  
These classes are very empowering and great fun too!  The one thing we can rely on in life, is that it is constantly changing and as we move through our lives we need techniques that will kick in when times become challenging. The aim each week is to teach these useful techniques that will empower and also help reduce stress and in the process helps us to grow. When you grow – so does everybody around you. EVERYONE BENEFITS! All gatherings will be incorporating meditation, stillness and mindfulness so as to help achieve a greater sense of awareness and to move closer and closer to peace of mind.
Margot is a Dancing The Rainbow Therapist,  Movement Therapist since 2005.  She has been working with groups and seeing clients on a one to one basis since 2005.
Previously for 20 years she worked in industry with MII and IATI as a consultant and worked as a senior  lecturer with Dublin Business School in Consumer Psychology, Research and Advertising.