8 Week Class

self empowerment

Thursday 9th September 7pm – 9pm

€300 (€60 deposit/€30 pw)


Join us for this 8 week class delving into how we operate in the world as functioning (or dysfunctional) adults!

We will be setting goals and taking a hard look at what it is we need to look at within ourselves and our patterns, to function as a differentiated and spiritually mature adult.

I will be introducing the concept of archetypes, which are patterns of behaviour within all of us and using this system to rewire how we can move from being a perfectionist, co-dependent or people pleaser to being content, assertive and fully accepting of ourselves unconditionally.  Shedding the patterns which cause you to doubt yourself, sabotage your personal and professional growth and introduce patterns and archetypes who bring out the best of us.

We will be looking at meditation and relaxation as a bridge to a new way of being in the world.  A beautiful aspect to this class is the learning of soul prayers and living in a more peaceful, trusting and faithful way.

Who is running the show in our inner world?  Is it the 16 year old?  Is it the victim?  Is it the princess, waiting for her knight in shining armour to save her?  Fabulous questions!!

Each week we will be exploring ways that empower us as assertive and grounded people in the world.  You will learn techniques that help develop an inner world of strength and personal power as well as ways of creative expression.

it is vital that we learn how to build our inner selves to be strong and healthy so that when times become challenging we have a resource that will ease the way and bring about a greater level of peace and emotional stability.  We will be experimenting with techniques which add to our sense of being grounded and assertive.  This is vitally important especially when we have children who look to us as role models for stability, safety and emotional maturity.

Spend week 1 in a one to one session with Margot and the remaining 7 weeks with your soul tribe of people (limited to 4) who want to live a more meaningful life which involves invoking the truth-teller Archetype who will guide you safely, securely and with no judgement to a place of freedom and awareness.  To a place where you can make magic in your life.


Text Margot on 0872362955 to book your place




Drumming Up Good Health

6 Week Class in the Practice of Shamanic Journeying

Dates to be confirmed due to Covid restrictions


shamanic journey

€200  Non Refundable Deposit €50

(pay in full or pay €50 deposit and €30 per week for 5 weeks)


Shamanic Journeying is a way for us to feel personally empowered in our lives. It is a way to get us out of our heads as well as to expand our awareness. When we learn that we have the ability to problem solve for ourselves, it raises our self-esteem in a grounded way.


Think of a journey as a kind of active meditation, a means of travelling deep within to garner the counselling, insights and perspectives of a world without judgement or negativity. Journeys are accompanied by a drum – said to represent the heartbeat of mother earth – which shifts the brain waves from alpha to theta and produces a mild trance state.


Shamanism, one of the oldest traditions of the world and common to all Native people, is a connection that helps us remember who we really are. It is a form of spirituality that is based upon living in balance with everything around us. It has proven to be successful in enabling people to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives.



Shamanic 1


Going to meet our helping spirits makes us feel valued and connected to the spirit that lives in all things. We feel loved by the power of the universe, and we never feel alone again. In working with the helping spirits, we learn the true definition of power. True power is being able to use our energy to create transformation for ourselves, others and the planet.


We journey our way on this course each week, out of our story, our chains, chains of our own making. This limits what we think is possible. It is possible to get stuck in a story and that is a very serious problem. The trap of being human is when we hold our story to be the same thing as our life. They are not the same thing.


It is possible to start a new story.


Shamanic journeying is a joyful path to regaining the knowledge of how to bring our lives back into a place of harmony and balance. It helps us to wake up to our full creative potential. As we do this, our lives change in a way that brings good health and well-being to ourselves and others.


Some people use the journey to work through emotional issues. They may confront a deceased or living relative to bring peace to unresolved events. We can use the journey to bring about changes, or seek answers to questions that are stopping us from living our lives in a joyful and fulfilling way. The shamanic journey provides a tool for spiritual growth because the individual can seek out evolved spiritual teachers. The messages often have an unexpected depth of meaning, and journeyers often report that their journeys ‘add up’ to a deeper spiritual teaching because one journey has built on another. We spend 2 classes out in nature and the remaining in our custom built studio in the centre of Blessington. During each class we will be journal our experiences and over the 6 week period when we go back over the contents of our journal we may see that we were walking a path of deep learning.  Journey messages will often come in the form of symbols, which have a depth that only becomes clear over time.


What will you learn on this course:

  • the skill of journeying/meditating to the beat of a drum and surrendering
  • reconnect with nature and learn how to ground and self support
  • access personal guidance and healing
  • develop tools for resolving our problems and distressing
  • develop insights that enable us to become more empowered and resourceful
  • how to manifest our goals and dreams 


Testimonials from Autumn Class 2018

It was a wonderful experience. I learnt so much about myself and have made so many positive changes to my life. I loved every minute spent at Margot’s beautiful studio, to enter it feels like being wrapped in a hug. Margot is a beautiful, wise, real woman, and time spent with her will unbelievably lift your spirits. Thanks so much Margot for kick starting my soul.
Linda x

A huge thankyou for the amazing 6 weeks class in Shamanic Journeying. I loved every minute of it. You’re amazing at what you do. I have suffered from depression since I was 17, I am now 37 and for the first time in a long time I feel such a huge change inside of me, the positivity I feel from doing the course has helped me in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough, I cant wait to do some more work soon. Deirdre x

I have recently attended a six week course held by a Shamanic Practitioner Margot Ussher, called Drumming Up Good Health. The classes were structured and delivered with confidence and expertise. Margot’s guided meditations and Shamanic journeying lead to a thoroughly insightful and enjoyable experience. Her skilled professionalism allowed me to relax and experience Shamanism as a healing force.
It is the perfect way to take time out, to connect with yourself,others and the universe and Margot does this effortlessly. I would recommend this six week course to anyone who likes to experience support, healing or just self care.
Eileen Malaniff


Classes are held in The Healers’ Dance in Downshire Park in the centre of Blessington.  This lends itself perfectly to comfort, safety and movement.  

These classes are very empowering and great fun too!  The one thing we can rely on in life, is that it is constantly changing and as we move through our lives we need techniques that will kick in when times become challenging. The aim each week is to teach these useful techniques that will empower and also help reduce stress and in the process helps us to grow. When you grow – so does everybody around you. EVERYONE BENEFITS! All gatherings will be incorporating meditation, stillness and mindfulness so as to help achieve a greater sense of awareness and to move closer and closer to peace of mind.
Margot is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Dancing The Rainbow Therapist,  Body Psychotherapist Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner.
Previously for 20 years she worked in industry with MII and IATI as a consultant and worked as a senior  lecturer with Dublin Business School in Consumer Psychology, Research and Advertising.