Classes are held in The Healers’ Dance in Downshire Park in the centre of Blessington.  This lends itself perfectly to comfort, safety and movement.  
These classes are very empowering and great fun too!  The one thing we can rely on in life, is that it is constantly changing and as we move through our lives we need techniques that will kick in when times become challenging. The aim each week is to teach these useful techniques that will empower and also help reduce stress and in the process helps us to grow. When you grow – so does everybody around you. EVERYONE BENEFITS! All gatherings will be incorporating meditation, stillness and mindfulness so as to help achieve a greater sense of awareness and to move closer and closer to peace of mind.
Margot is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Dancing The Rainbow Therapist,  Body Psychotherapist Therapist.  She has been working with groups and seeing clients on a one to one basis since 2005.
Previously for 20 years she worked in industry with MII and IATI as a consultant and worked as a senior  lecturer with Dublin Business School in Consumer Psychology, Research and Advertising.